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Home Window cleaning during Covid 19 – 4 top Tips for Crystal Clear Windows

Have you got more time around the house during the Covid 19 lockdown? Regardless of whether you’re ensuring the home looks the best it can or making sure that the business looks appealing to passing foot traffic, clean windows can make a dramatic difference.

However, there can be times when some aren’t able to get the gleam they’re looking for when cleaning windows.

If you’re trying to get crystal clear windows but are having difficult then why not consider the following tips.

1. Avoid Streaks When Cleaning Windows
One of the most common occurrences found when cleaning windows is the presence of streaks. Streaks occur because the solution used has dried, which is why so many rely on a squeegee. Not only does a reliable squeegee remove all the residue but makes cleaning windows a lot easier.

2. Determine the Best Time to Clean the Windows
Many may not give much thought as to what time of the day they should clean the windows but finding a sweet sport can make cleaning windows a lot easier. On hot days, the sun will often dry the windows before the clean can be completed, making it a frustrating and time-consuming endeavour that leaves a series of streaks.

3. Minimise the Amount of Soap
It’s understandable that many assume the more bubbles there are, the cleaner windows will be, but it can make the process of cleaning windows more difficult. Although some stubborn dirt will need more soap than usual, the general cleaning of windows shouldn’t require a lot of soap.

The more soap that’s used during window cleaning, the denser the cleaning solution will be. This means that window cleaning can take a lot longer than it should.

4. Start with the Window Frames
When cleaning windows, many can forget about the frames. This normally the window frames are cleaned afterwards, meaning windows can be caught by debris. As such, those cleaning windows need to ensure that they start with the window frames, and then contend with the glass pane afterwards.

Should You Use a Professional Window Cleaning Company?
Although the tips provided can help ensures that windows in a homes or business are kept crystal clear, many find that they simply don’t have the time to carry out regular window cleaning as and when it’s needed.

This is when a professional window cleaning company can be useful, but it’s important to check that you’re only using a seasoned expert when searching for window cleaning services in Milton Keynes.

Red Window Cleaning has a wealth of experience and has been offering a professional window cleaning service in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area for several years.

As well as offering a cost-effective service, Red Window Cleaning will also ensure that only premium equipment are used in conjunction with a professional approach to ensure that you’re getting the best from your window cleaning.

If you’re keen to enjoy the benefits of affordable and professional window cleaning, then why not get in touch with Red Window Cleaning to discuss your requirements in more detail.