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Commercial Window Cleaning in Milton Keynes

Red Clean offer commercial window cleaning in Milton Keynes and beyond. Here’s why it’s important to get the windows of your commercial building cleaned regularly. And why our team might just be the right team for the job.

The Importance of First Impressions
Dirty windows never give a good impression. And we know that first impressions count.

Whether it’s an office block, a school, a shop front or a large commercial unit, clean windows are much more appealing for visitors and potential customers.

And working in a building that’s well-cared for can even improve the motivation of your workforce.

So maintaining the outside of your commercial building is important. But who should you hire for the job?

What Kind of Window Cleaner Should You Hire for Commercial Work?
There’s a huge variety in the quality and ability of window cleaners. Some guys still use the old-fashioned ladder and bucket method. And some wouldn’t have the knowledge or the equipment to work beyond the height of a standard residential building.

That’s why you’re best off hiring a professional and experienced company like Red Clean to clean the windows of your commercial building.

Why Red Clean?
Here’s why Red Clean are a great choice for any organisation requiring commercial window cleaning in Milton Keynes.

We’re a Professional Outfit
The Red Clean team is friendly but professional. And just like our customers, we like to make the right impression.

Our fleet of branded vans are all under six years old and our team all wear the Red Clean uniform. So you can be sure that when we’re at you’re premises, we’ll look and behave just as a professional window cleaning outfit should.

We’ve Got All the Right Equipment
We can use the water-fed pole method to clean commercial properties. This has a number of benefits.

Firstly, our team keep their feet firmly on the ground whilst reaching windows beyond the height of a ladder. And secondly, the water-fed pole using purified water gives unbeatable cleaning of your window frames, sills and panes.

But a water-fed pole can’t reach to the top of high-rise buildings. That’s why our team are also fully trained to operate access equipment.

We’re Fully Licensed, Trained and Insured
Red Clean is health and safety approved. Our team all have the necessary knowledge and licenses to work at heights and use MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms).

We also have Public Liability insurance up to £5million and are happy to provide copies of any licenses and documentation.

We’ve Got a Team Who Can Get the Job Done
Our large workforce means we have the capacity to clean big contracts efficiently, with the minimum disruption to you and your operations.

Across the team, we’ve also got decades of experience in commercial window cleaning. Our guys know how to get perfect results every time. And no job is too big. 

So if you’re looking for commercial window cleaning services in Milton Keynes, send us an email or call 01908 382015 today. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a personalised quote.