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Coming out of lockdown: Free building sanitisation for the outside of vulnerable people’s homes

Over the past fortnight, we have started to sanitise the outside of retirement villages, vulnerable people’s homes and even bus stops in Milton Keynes.

Red Window Cleaning has been offering this service for the past two weeks completely free of charge, in order to help vulnerable people stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“We are still actively working safely so are trying our best to help where we can and balance our own work,” said Steven Bird, who is a Director and Partner in the business. 

Steven has said that ACAS and the British Chamber of Commerce have confirmed that they can continue their works so long as social distancing rules are followed.

Whilst carrying out routine works, Steven and his team noticed that a lot of their customers were vulnerable or elderly. As a result, they invested in sanitising units to help clean the outside of people’s homes.

“We [did] this to a group of bungalows yesterday,” Steven continued. “And they were so grateful because we cleaned the wheelie bins and mobility scooters too. 

“It’s been hard to get the sanitising chemicals but we have quite a few of these bottles coming to us. It’s very expensive but it doesn’t matter as we genuinely want to help as much as we can.”

Do you know someone that could benefit from this free sanitising service? You can get in touch with us hereemailing us or visiting their Facebook page.