Gutter Cleaning in Milton Keynes

We provide a Gutter Cleaning service in Milton Keynes and also much further afield. We have many years experience in Cleaning Gutters that we can carry out the job efficiently and very effectively without causing massive disturbances to our customers or their properties. If you have a residential property that needs its gutters cleaned or a commercial property that needs its Gutters cleared, then we are here to help.

For residential properties, we use a Gutter Vac System mainly to clear the gutters, but sometimes we will use ladders if we need to get up close and personal to remove any blockages. Whichever method we need to use you can be safe in the knowledge that our experienced team can carry out the task effectively. Our staff are fully trained in the safe use of ladders and gutter vacs

We also clean a lot of commercial properties Gutters and Guttering in Milton Keynes. We will also carry out a site assessment to see which method we will need to use to clear the gutters. We may use a gutter vac system, A mobile Scaffold Tower or if needed a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWBS). If we need to use a mobile elevating work platform, then it’s safe to say we can carry out the job with ease. Our gutter cleaning team are all trained to current IPAF regulations and have many hours experience using Elevating Platforms.

If you need your Gutters Cleaned in Milton Keynes or you need Gutters Cleared in Milton Keynes, then we would be only too happy to help. If you’d like to Contact Us you can, and we would be glad to help you with discussing the most effective way to clear your gutters, and we would be only too happy to provide you with a quote.

Window Cleaners In Milton Keynes

Window Cleaners in Milton Keynes. We cover a large radius of Milton Keynes but as this is our base, we clean a lot here. We have lots of experience in Window Cleaning and have built a great team to serve our ever growing customer base. We do clean lots of other areas on external properties but Window Cleaning is what we do, day in, day out.

We clean all kinds of properties from large commercial units, to schools, to offices, to private residential properties. We are ultra reliable and work on very strict schedules. Our customer service department has many years experience dealing with customer relations. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and will always do our best to sort out any issues that arise.

Being experienced window cleaners we have the latest Window Cleaning Technology and know how to use it correctly. We hear lots of horror stories and we can understand why some customers lose confidence in some of the newer window cleaning technologies on todays market. A lot of people consider window cleaning to be an unskilled job. We can categorically say that is not true. It can take a lot of working hours to understand how to use each method effectively and to leave great results. As with any trade, a tradesman tools is only as good as the operator using them. All our team is highly trained and has years of experience. We won’t just allow any inexperienced guys to jump in and put our reputation at stake without sufficient one on one training. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past then give us a try? We require a minimum of three cleans as we don’t sign up for one off cleans. But I’m sure you’ll be grateful to of found us when you let us clean your property.

You can ring us now if you’d like to talk further or if you’d like a free quote. Our number is 01908 382015.