traditional window cleaning milton keynes - pros and cons

Traditional Window Cleaning – The Pros and Cons

Looking for a traditional window cleaner in Milton Keynes? Here’s everything you need to know about what a traditional window cleaner can and can’t do. And what window cleaning alternatives are available.

Traditional Window Cleaning

A traditional window cleaner cleans your windows using a ladder, a mop and a squeegee. Not much has changed since days of old.

It’s possible to get good instant results from traditional window cleaning. But this method does pose some problems.

Problems with Traditional Window Cleaning

Falls from a height were responsible for 40 workplace deaths last year, according to the HSE. That doesn’t even take into account the many injuries (sometimes life-changing) that are also the result of someone working at height.

Heading up a ladder can be dangerous. So at Red Clean we always stick to WAHR (Working at Height Regulations) to make sure our staff and customers are as safe as can be.

Health and Safety Guidelines

There are window cleaners out there who won’t follow health and safety guidelines. But they’re putting themselves at risk. And their customers too. How would you feel if someone took a tumble on your property?

WAHR states that time spent working up a ladder at a 1st-floor level should always be kept to a minimum. And that if a safer working method is available, then it should be used. So a ladder isn’t always the best solution.

Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Our alternative to traditional window cleaning is water-fed pole window cleaning. This is the method we use to clean all residential buildings and most commercial buildings, as per WAHR. And it means our team can keep their feet safely on the ground.

We use telescopic poles with a brush attached to the end. Purified water is fed up the pole and we’re able to reach and clean windows up to 15 metres off the ground.

But Does the Water-Fed Pole Method Really Get the Same Results?

We’ve come across customers who’ve had a bad experience of another window cleaning company using the water-fed pole method. They tell us that their windows just didn’t seem as clean. But we’d encourage them to give the method another go and let us show you why it really is a superior method. In our opinion, poor results are usually down to inexperience, cutting costs on the standard of purification and lack of training rather than the method itself. There are lots of window cleaners using the water-fed pole and not realising the level of skill and knowledge required to get consistently good results.

All of our team are fully trained to use water-fed pole equipment. Our team are fully experienced with decades of window cleaning via WFP under their belt. We only use purified water that is zero parts per million at a TDS of zero. And we do a thorough clean of your window panes, sills and frames. This means no streaking. And a perfectly clean window every time. The only possible way of any streaks to be left would be because of a broken seal on the window unit or dirt build-up in leaky vents (Which can run out after we’ve left the property). To give you complete peace of mind if you did experience any of the issues mentioned we would come straight out to inspect the windows to see what issue your window unit has.

So What Are Your Options?

If you’re looking to get the windows on your home cleaned, Red Clean is able to provide a water-fed pole window cleaning service. Give it a go and we promise you’ll never look back.

For commercial customers, we use the traditional window cleaning method when required, we would never work from ladders though. Give us a call or send us an email for more details.