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Gutter cleaning – the benefits

Here at Red Clean we don’t just specialise in cleaning windows. We offer a range of cleaning services to get the exterior of your property looking shipshape. In this post we’re going to talk about the benefits of using our gutter vac/cleaning service.

But first, why is a regular gutter cleaning important?

What Problems Can Blocked Guttering Cause?
Over the course of a year, your gutters can become blocked by leaves, moss and other fallen debris. For many people, it’s out of sight, out of mind. But blocked gutters can become an expensive problem if they’re not dealt with properly.

Rainwater can end up running down your brickwork or pooling in certain portions of the guttering. This can lead to internal leaks, mould and damp problems and even structural issues – all problems you could do without.

How Can I Tell if My Gutters Need Cleaning?
Sometimes you can actually see the debris that is sitting in your guttering. But there are other signs you can look out for:

Green, mossy patches on your brickwork. Moss thrives in wet conditions, so it’s likely that water is regularly running down that portion of your façade.
Overflowing water. You’ll need to wait till it’s raining. But head outside and take a look at your guttering. If rainwater is running over the edge of your guttering and down the side of your house, there’s almost certainly a blockage.

It’s been a year since you last had them cleaned. Ultimately, if you haven’t had your gutters checked in the past year, chances are they could do with a clean.

Benefits of Using Our Gutter Vac Service

Our gutter vac service is a great solution for domestic and some commercial properties. It works exactly as it sounds. It’s a specialist vacuum cleaner with an extendable pole that sucks debris out of your guttering.

Here are just some of the benefits: 

We Can Reach Your Gutters, Wherever They Are
Our gutter vac can reach up to four stories high. And get into those hard to reach places and angles along your property. So even if you have a sizeable building/home, we’ll be able to clear every inch of your guttering from debris.

Minimal Need for Ladders
When we use our gutter vac to clean your guttering, we don’t need to use a ladder as much. That means our team can work efficiently and safely from the ground with only using ladders to closely inspect blocked gutters.

Minimal Fuss for Customers
When we visit your home to clean your gutters, there’s minimal fuss involved. We don’t need to use ladders or an elevating platform to clear any mess. And any debris is safely and neatly sucked away into the vac. So we never leave anything on the ground around your home.

Annual Service Option
Some of our customers sign up for an annual gutter cleaning service. This means they don’t have to remember to book us in. And they get complete, year-round peace of mind that their guttering is in proper working order.

If you’re interested in having your guttering cleaned, get in touch today for a quote. We offer both one-off and annual cleaning services.

And if you have a bigger commercial property, we can help with that too. We are qualified in using Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP). We can reach guttering in even the highest of buildings.