With most of our domestic customers (and even some of our large retirement village customers), our conservatory cleaning services consist of cleaning the conservatory windows, doors and frames with each scheduled clean we carry out. We clean many conservatories across Milton Keynes and further afield on a regular basis so we have the experience and skill to take on any task.

What we don’t clean as a standard part of this service is the conservatory roof. We clean our customer’s roofs mostly on regular 3, 6 and 12-month cycles. We can clean on a one-off basis though, but it’s good to keep the whole of the conservatory clean all year round.


We clean all kinds of roofs from plastic to glass to even self-cleaning glass. We will clean all the plastic work as a standard too.

If you would like to talk to us about our conservatory cleaning services and how we can make your home sparkle, then please get in touch. We would be only too happy to answer any queries and provide you with a free quote. 

Keeping your conservatory windows and roof clean is too difficult a task for many homeowners. You may not have the time or tools to properly maintain clear windows and plastic work. That’s why we offer conservatory cleaning Milton Keynes residents trust. Learn how we set ourselves apart as a window cleaning company that you can trust your conservatory cleaning task to.


Your conservatory adds to the value and beauty of your home. However, if you neglect its care, over time, dirt, mildew, and algae will accumulate on the surfaces. The roof can also build up a disgusting layer of bird droppings and tree pollen. These products can cause chemical damage or staining to the surface of the conservatory’s roof or trim. Regularly removing these contaminants can keep your conservatory looking great and free of stains for years to come.

Another problem with neglecting cleaning of your conservatory happens from the dirt covering the windows. The layer of grime will reduce the amount of sunlight entering through the windows. Instead of enjoying the bright sunlight in your conservatory, you will sit in a room with dusty, filtered light that does not provide the same comfort and warmth.

Make your conservatory a priority when scheduling an exterior cleaning of your home. We provide you with the superior conservatory cleaning Milton Keynes residents turn to for making their conservatories sparkle. Let us be your first choice for maintaining the appearance of your conservatory and helping to keep your home’s value from dipping.


The frequency you require conservatory cleaning services depends on multiple factors. For example, you may not need cleaning as often during the winter months when you do not use the space as often. However, for the summer, you may need monthly cleaning of your conservatory windows.

The roof of your conservatory will require a separate schedule for cleaning because this service does not come as part of a conservatory window service. We separate the roof cleaning from window cleaning to continue to offer you the best rates for conservatory cleaning. Simply, you may not need the roof cleaned as often as your windows.

Typically, homeowners request conservatory roof cleaning once every three months, twice a year, or once a year. Again, the frequency depends on your home. If you have a tree overhanging the conservatory roof, birds that nest in the tree may deposit droppings that require you to schedule roof cleanings more often than someone with a conservatory in an open area without spots for birds to perch overhead.


If you have a conservatory on your property, whether you have a home or are in charge of a retirement village, you need to have it cleaned regularly. Most individuals lack the equipment and knowledge to clean these fixtures themselves. Choose Red Clean for the conservatory cleaning Milton Keynes residents have turned to for years. We can make your conservatory sparkle again.