By employing our services, you agree to our simple terms and conditions.

We send out automated text messages the night before we are due so that you can leave access areas unlocked. We do our utmost to gain entry safely with a ladder to go over gates if they are locked, but sometimes this is impossible if the gates are wobbly, have trellises, spikes, etc. We also can’t clean if we need to access the back through a garage and it’s locked. If we struggle to gain access to the back of the property, we will have to charge the full price. We will do everything we can for this not to be the case, but if it’s beyond our control, then we will have to charge full price. If we currently only clean the front of your house as standard, please understand that’s all we will clean, and that’s all you will get charged for. We will only charge full price if we have agreed to clean the whole house but can’t access the back of the property.

If for any reason we cannot clean your house due to building works etc., or we get turned away for any reason (including cancellations on the day) we will have to charge full price for doing so. On the evening you receive the text or anytime before that point. If you could either email or ring us on the contact details provided below, then we can allocate your space for that day to another customer. We can’t logistically do that if it happens when we turn up to clean your property.

When we sign up a new customer all our sign up, sheets state that we can clean through the rain. We have done this for many years and on thousands of clients windows. Because there are no significant impurities in rainwater, it doesn’t affect our pure water system and the result. All the work carried out we guarantee for 24 hours, so if you do have any issues, please let us know asap, and we will rectify it. If we turn up to your property on the day and we are asked not to clean because of rain, then we will have to charge full price because of the space we have allocated you in the round, on that day.

Payments are due on completion of the work carried out. We reserve the right to contact you for any amount outstanding within 24 hours of a clean being completed. Go Cardless Customers will not be contacted for payment unless a direct debit payment fails. To setup Go Cardless, please go to the following web address and fill in your details:


Cancellations. If you’d like to cancel at any time, please ring or email us before the day you are due for a clean. We cannot accept cancellation on the day of the clean as we would have allocated you the space on the round. We sign all customers initially for a four clean term. Then a rolling monthly agreement going forward. You will receive a cancellation code if you ring or email to confirm receipt of the request to cancel before the day of the clean.


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