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Why Water Fed Pole is Better than Traditional Window Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning windows, there’s more than one way to do the job. There are generally two options available – traditional window cleaning and water fed pole.

Traditional Window Cleaning. A cleaner will use ladders, water, detergent, squeegee and cloth to clean your windows. It’s the old-fashioned bucket and sponge way.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning. A cleaner will use a telescopic pole with a brush attached to the end. The pole uses purified water from a tank in the van, which is then sprayed through the brush.

So now we know our window cleaning options. But which is best? 

Some of our customers have had a bad experience with other companies providing water fed pole cleaning. But this is often down to the operator, not the cleaning method. Impure water, low water pressure or inexperience could all be to blame.

At Red Clean, we think water fed pole beats traditional window cleaning hands down. Here are just a few reasons why:

We Can Reach Your Highest and Trickiest Windows
Using ladders to reach very high windows isn’t always safe. With a water fed pole we can reach windows up to 15 metres off the ground.

We can also use the poles to clean hard to reach places around your property. Like your Velux windows. Or your conservatory roof. Or your solar panels.

Water fed pole cleaning helps us get to the parts of your home that we just couldn’t reach using the traditional method.

We Can Work Whatever the Weather
Climbing slippery ladders in the rain is dangerous. So a window cleaner might not be able to clean your windows using traditional methods on a rainy day.

There’s no such problem with the water fed pole method, however. We can work to clean your windows whatever the weather. And, because rain water is pure water (unlike tap water which has lots of things added to it), it won’t affect the results.

Windows are Cleaner for Longer
The traditional window cleaning method poses two problems for the long term cleanliness of your windows.

Sometimes dirt is left in the crevices of your window frame. When it rains this dirt can become dislodged and leave streaks on your windows.

Secondly, traditional window cleaning uses detergents. If these aren’t fully washed away, they leave a film on your windows that can attract dust and dirt.

With water fed pole cleaning, you don’t experience either of these problems. Specialised brushes help us to do a deep clean of your window frames and sills. And we only use purified water. So no dirt or detergent is ever left behind.

It’s Eco-Friendly
As we’ve mentioned, traditional window cleaning uses detergents. Inevitably these run off into the area surrounding your property and pose a risk to the local ecosystem.

The water fed pole method uses just pure water, which is much kinder to the environment.

In the right hands, water fed pole window cleaning leaves incredible results. It’s safe, kind to the environment and allows our window cleaners to reach all the windows around your home.

At Red Clean, we use top-of-the-range water fed pole equipment. Our van systems are crash tested and our cleaners are fully trained. So we’re confident of offering you the very best water fed pole window cleaning service.

If you’ve got any questions about the water fed pole method or you’d like to book us in to clean your windows, contact us today for more information.