We want our roof cleaned, but should we wait until spring?

Is Spring Best To Have Our Roof Cleaned?

Is Spring Best To Have Our Roof Cleaned?

Welcome to RedClean, where our commitment to keeping your roof pristine takes little time off. A question we are often asked is 

We want our roof cleaned, but should we wait until spring?

We understand the hesitation some might have about cleaning their roofs in winter, wondering if it’s best to wait until spring. But here’s the good news: at RedClean, we’re equipped and experienced to clean roofs all year round. With over a thousand roofs cleaned, we’re here to share our insights and assure you that your roof is in capable hands no matter the season.

Cleaning Roofs All Year Round: What You Need to Know

Understanding the Challenges of Winter Cleaning

Winter brings unique challenges, but it’s different from our expertise. Here’s what we consider when cleaning roofs in colder months:

Moss Removal: While scraping moss off a wet roof can be extremely difficult, we have alternative methods. Steam cleaning, for instance, can be effectively carried out even in rainy conditions.

Biocide Treatment: Rainy weather isn’t conducive to biocide treatments as the rain would wash it off the tiles. Moreover, when temperatures drop, the biocide can be ineffective. Our chemical supplier recommends 8 degrees as the cut-off point. But we have conducted our tests to see what we found. We found below 6 degrees Celsius, the effectiveness of biocides diminishes. That’s why we carefully pick our days for this treatment.

The Ideal Temperature for Roof Cleaning: While extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can affect roof cleaning methods, there’s a sweet spot we aim for. Research suggests that the optimal temperature range for roof cleaning and applying treatments like biocides is between 6-25 degrees Celsius. This range ensures the biocides’ effectiveness and the roofing materials’ safety.

Adapting to Summer’s Heat: Just as we navigate winter’s chill, summer’s heat poses challenges. A roof can become too hot, affecting the cleaning process and the efficacy of specific treatments. In these cases, we adjust our schedule to apply biocide during cooler hours, ensuring quality.

The RedClean Advantage Experience in Every Weather

At RedClean, we deeply understand how weather conditions impact roof cleaning. We know when to proceed with a specific cleaning method and when to opt for a different approach. This adaptability has been honed through cleaning various roofs in diverse weather conditions.

Safety First, Always: No matter the season, our top priority is the safety of our team and the integrity of your roof. We follow safety protocols and use the most suitable equipment for each situation, ensuring a thorough and secure cleaning process.


At RedClean, our experience and adaptability make us your ideal partner for roof cleaning, irrespective of the season. We understand the nuances of weather and its impact on roofing materials, allowing us to provide top-notch service all year round. So, make sure to spring to have a clean, healthy roof. Contact RedClean today, and let us bring our expertise to your doorstep, no matter the weather.