Sanitising services milton keynes

CV-19 and Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleaning, Fogging AND SANITISING ServiceS

At Red Clean, we can sanitise the exterior and interior of any building making sure we kill off any spread of coronavirus and specifically COVID-19. By deep cleaning the surface of any property, we can kill up to 99.9% of all contaminants.

We offer anti-viral cleaning for the interior of Hospitals, Clinics, Veterinary Surgeries, Doctors Surgeries, Dentists, Health Centres, Schools, Colleges, Nursing Homes, Delivery Vehicles, Ambulances, Mortuaries, Hotels, Spas, Gyms, Internal Play Areas, Office Blocks, Shops, Cinemas, Shopping Malls, Public Transport, Train Stations & Bus Stations.

Our liquid anti-bacterial cleaning spray is atomised to create a fog which binds to surfaces and disinfects on contact, sterilising and preventing the spread of any disease or virus.

We also clean the outside of any property. We will apply a fine spray of chemical that kills any virus or disease that may be sitting on a surface just waiting to be touched making your building wholly safe and free from spread of any disease.